Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about how we operate? See these frequently asked questions below or email us.

Q: Are Designer Engravings stone products real stones?

A: Yes! We work with a supplier that has scoured hillsides and quarries for the most symmetrical, uniformly sized and colored stones the Earth has brought forth. These premium stones are hand selected by geology enthusiasts with a keen eye for quality. Our engraved stone products make perfect gifts and are a great complement to any interior design project.

Designers Engravings Stones are not your typical river rocks. Local river rocks are usually awkwardly shaped and colored. Our decorative stones are surprisingly distinct. Although no two stones are exactly alike, we carefully select and sort them to give you the most uniform sizes and shapes available anywhere.

Q: Do you have artwork we can choose from?

A:  No, everything we do is custom. We do not use a cookie cutter approach to doing rocks.  We do not like to do the same design over and over again nor do we want all of our rocks to look the same and we are sure you don't either.  That is what makes us different than most other engraving companies.  Example: When you place an order with a dragonfly design, we have many different dragonflies from which to choose from. First get the wording set up, and then we take a look at the art work and pick the one that looks the best.  We do have certain artwork we like to use, but we are always open to adding new designs.

Q:  Can I see a proof the artwork before you engrave my stone?

A:  Yes you can. Once your order is placed we go to work on the design, and when the layout is complete we will email you a copy.  This can take up to a week.  So if you request a proof, you will get one.  Once you get the proof we will not move forward until we hear back from you with your approval or any changes that need to be made. All engraved stones are completed at our home; to our exact standards. To meet our customer’s requirements, the graphic design, stone selection, engraving and packaging is completed entirely by us. We are sure you will be satisfied with your custom engraved item whatever surface you choose.

Q: How long will it take to get my stone once I order?

A: We will ship your engraved stone within 7 to 10 days of receiving order.

Q: How do you ship your orders?

A: We usually use Priority mail, which is 2-3 business days.

Q: Do you offer a volume discount?

A: Yes.  Please inquire by calling 413.626.4264.