The Process

All of our engravings are handcrafted using a sandblaster powered by air for deep carvings with detail and precision. Each engraving takes many steps to transform a natural rock into a work of art.

Before the actual engraving work begins.  We select the right stone and work on the designs and layout for each custom job. This includes deciding on or including specified font type and size, design, and layout of the elements on the stone.

Locating and selecting the right one-of-a-kind stone for engraving with attention to shape, size and coloring for the current engraving project requires the artistic eye of the engraved stone artisan.

Next, a stencil is prepared and attached to the rock before the engraving process begins. The design and preparation phase is done with computer drawing software. Finally, we use the sandblasting technique to deeply engrave the desired message or image into the stone; cleaning the stone and, if requested, painting inside of the engraving to complete the project. This old-fashioned approach makes every single piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Personalized, engraved stones can be carved to include individual names, family names, dates, corporate logos, memorial, or commemorative words and sentiments, designs, single words, or simply your favorite saying.

Our collection of engraved stones includes everything from small pocket rocks with single words or logos, to beautiful memorial stones, pet memorial stones, garden stones and many more.