Ideas for Stones

Ideas for personalization and for uses are only limited by your imagination. Custom engraved stones make great home and garden décor accents as well as unique personalized gifts.

Here are just a few ideas for engraving on stone.

  • Personalized Stepping Stones (we use beautiful blue stone and have them cut into a 14” circle that is 1 ¼ “thick).
  • Garden Stones (various shapes and sizes)
  • Garden Memorial Stones
  • Fundraising Bricks
  • House Numbers on slate, granite, blue stone
  • Property Names 
  • Memorial Stones on granite
  • Temporary Grave Makers
  • Pet Memorial Stones

Ideas for Weddings or Wedding Gifts and or Anniversary Gifts

  • Wedding Invitations on Granite or Marble
  • Small Stone Wedding Favors or Guest Names
  • Glass Gem Wedding Favors or Guest Names
  • Agate Favors or Guest Names
  • Champaign Flutes
  • Anniversary Garden Stones or Stepping Stones 

Corporate Gifts

  • Decorative Stones with Company Logo